Four Digits develops software and web applications for companies and organisations, ranging from relatively simple websites to complex systems. Do you require a secured online environment? We can offer you a custom built intranet. We also offer comprehensive consultancy services and are happy to deliver support and advice on all ICT-related matters. 

We work with Plone, a user-friendly and adaptable package that enables you to fill your own website with content. In addition to being one of the safest platforms, it is also license-free. Using Plone, Four Digits has created solutions for such organisations as home care provider Sensire and volunteer organisation Humanitas. In the United States, Plone was chosen by both NASA and the FBI.

Four Digits focuses on two important values: quality and vision. We are always looking to create suitable and efficient solutions for our clients. Not just today, but also in the next five years.

Curious about how our services can add value to your organisation? Please feel free to browse through our portfolio or contact us for a free quotation.