Maarten Kling

Maarten Kling

Wagtail Sprint information

Wagtail is coming to The Netherlands, don't miss it! Come and join us from March 21st until 25th.

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Maarten Kling

Wagtail Space

From March 21st until 25th, Four Digits will host Wagtail Space in Arnhem, The Netherlands.

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Maarten Kling

Make it beautiful

A Plone sprint is the best way to get work done in a short time. We take various people that are important to the project and put them in one location.

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Maarten Kling

Reindex speed done by groups

Ever tried to do reindexObject or reindexObjectSecurity on a folder containing 1500 items having 1500 items having 1500 items?

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Maarten Kling


When using ‘web_intelligent_plain_text_to_html’ from portal_transforms, make sure your input is decoded to utf-8 and the output is unicode.

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Maarten Kling

Diazo and facebook are friends

Sometimes your company logo is not the first picture loaded in HTML.

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Maarten Kling

Arnhem Sprint Wrapup

The Arnhem Sprint is over, 5 days of coding have passed and Plone 5 is one step forward.

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Maarten Kling

Arnhem Sprint Day 4

The fourth sprint day has started, let’s have a recap from yesterday.

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Maarten Kling

Arnhem Sprint Day 3

The third sprint day has started, let’s have a recap from yesterday.

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Maarten Kling

Arnhem Sprint Day 2

The second sprint day has started, let’s have a recap from yesterday.

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Maarten Kling

Arnhem Sprint Kickoff

At 10:00 we will start the Arnhem Plone Sprint 2013.

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Maarten Kling

Auto rotate Dexterity images based on EXIF info

Although I’ve been using Dexterity by default in the past years, I still need AT types for auto transforming images based on EXIF information.

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Maarten Kling

Enable self registration and change homefolder

Using python to setup self registration and member type creation, using a normal

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Maarten Kling

Jenkins and

An Continuous Integration System setup for our own intranet.

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Maarten Kling

Plone Conference 2012 Wrap-up

BAM! The Plone Conf 2012 is part of history now, and wow did we love it!

Door Maarten Kling | Op 18-10-2012 | 3 comments
Maarten Kling

unrestrictedSearchResults vs allowedRolesAndUsers

Sometimes you need to get all items in a result set without having the rights to actually view them.

Door Maarten Kling | Op 23-07-2012 | 2 comments
Maarten Kling

Writing the Four Digits Plone Conference Proposal

On Friday 30 december Four Digits submitted a proposal to host the anual Plone Conference 2012 in Arnhem!

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Maarten Kling

Sneak Preview: Deco and new 4D site!

Work in progress!

Door Maarten Kling | Op 16-08-2011 | 3 comments
Maarten Kling

4D, Plone, 2011 and beyond

A new year, new people, a great Plone version and the first Plone 4 sites popping up.

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Maarten Kling

Iterate, Sharing, Permissions and Workflows

Sharing is caring! In this use-case I will describe all actions done to get my workflow working.

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Maarten Kling

May: Evaluation Time again

For the third time in a row we evaluated Four Digits as a company including all employees of Four Digits. This time in a big villa in Faro, Portugal.

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Maarten Kling

Cathedral Sprint 2010: 4D has arrived!

Sprinting on Plone from 15th until the 19th of March.

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Maarten Kling

Listing expired Plone content

Using a catalog query to get to expired content. Easy, right?

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Maarten Kling

Trying zodbupdate

After writing my last blog post Ross Patterson pointed me to zodbupdate. Why not give it a try and see how it works?

Door Maarten Kling | Op 22-01-2010 | 2 comments
Maarten Kling

Building, Civil engineering, Moving: part II

In April 2009 we got the keys to our new Four Digits Office. Now its time to expand (again)!

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Maarten Kling

Changing your packagename

One day you think lets clean up my code and rename all my products to something useful.

Door Maarten Kling | Op 17-12-2009 | 5 comments
Maarten Kling

Changing Plone theme/skin on portal_type: Part II

Changing your Plone theme/skin based on the object's portal_type using a skin switcher.

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Maarten Kling

Building, Construction, Civil engineering, Moving

Four Digits for all your construction and building plans…

Door Maarten Kling | Op 27-04-2009 | 3 comments
Maarten Kling

1 Hour Plone Site and TinyMCE

Here is all the code from my presentation "How to build a Plone site in 1 hour!" It was great to attend to the conference this year!

Door Maarten Kling | Op 14-10-2008 | 2 comments
Maarten Kling

Using SQLPASPlugin for mysql user authenticating

Using a existing mysql db including over 3000 usernames and passwords to login into Plone and using a table view for there properties.

Door Maarten Kling | Op 10-09-2008 | 9 comments
Maarten Kling

Speaking at the Plone Conference 2008

From PSD to a complete Plone site! running a buildout, configuring buildout.cfg, using paster, making content-types (ArgoUML), creating custom portlets, viewlets, a folder view and using add-on products!

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