; up and running in four months

By Yadi Dragtsma | On Nov 06, 2011
Recently, the Plone community bought Now we have to turn it into a powerful yet simple platform that promotes Plone to end-users.

Brainstorm Session

There is, a place for developers, where you can find new features and where developers can share ideas. It is often difficult to understand by end users. That is why we will launch The first and most important thing? Office managers, decision makers and also your grand mother should be able to understand the content.

Companies and organisations who are looking for a new CMS, will find all the answers about Plone on In the next months, a group of people within the community will write new content.

Speaking of

  • at this moment, 60% of the visitors don't find what they are looking for and leave
  • the site contains about 10.000 pages and 28.000 elements
  • Some information is outdated

It migh be an idea to update some of the information on