Rob Gietema

Rob Gietema

Using a webfont to display icons

When creating our new Four Digits website we needed to display a lot of icons. Since our website needed to be responsive, have sharp images on retina displays and short loading times, using standard images didn't work well. We tried a different technique which is using a webfont to display the icons. This blogpost explains how you can use vector images in your own website using grunt.

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Rob Gietema

Announcing the Anniversary Sprint 2015

Four Digits will be 10 years old on the 23rd of June 2015, so what better way to celebrate then a Plone Sprint! So after the succes of the Living Statues Sprint 2010, 2011, the Plone Conf 2012 and Arnhem Sprint 2013 Four Digits will be hosting another sprint in 2015! The sprint will be from Monday to Friday and will finish with a big party on Friday evening.

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Rob Gietema

Living Statues Sprint 2010: The Results

The Living Statues Sprint 2010 is over during which a lot of progress has been made.

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Rob Gietema

Living Statues Sprint 2010

Four Digits is proud to announce the Living Statues Sprint 2010, August 25 to 29 at the Four Digits Office in Arnhem, The Netherlands.

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Rob Gietema

Donating 10% of our time!

As of now every Four Digits employee should devote 10% of his or her time to improve Plone!

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Rob Gietema

Drag and Drop Image Uploading using Deco

In the new beta versions of Firefox 3.6 drag and drop support for uploading files is added, see what Deco can do with this functionality.

Door Rob Gietema | Op 11-11-2009 | 12 comments
Rob Gietema

Collections and Contentlistings

A sprint at Jarn (Norway) to complete the remaining PLIP's related to collections, contentlistings and search.

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Rob Gietema

TinyMCE 1.1rc3 up for testing

A new release candidate of TinyMCE is released and available for testing, so start your testing engines…

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Rob Gietema

Deco on the European Plone Symposium in Sorrento

The European Plone Symposium 2009 is almost over. Deco, the new page layout and rendering paradigm for Plone, has been given a lot of attention.

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Rob Gietema

Why TinyMCE?

As some may have noticed we recently became maintainer of the TinyMCE product for Plone. The development of this product was put on halt after version 2.0.6 of TinyMCE by Jacob Smith (the previous maintainer) because at that time Kupu had all the features and stability to become the default Plone wysiwyg editor. Then why did we pick up the project you may ask? I'll tell you why.

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