At Four Digits, all customers have their own contact person: someone who is well-informed about the project status and who makes sure that everything is ready on time. As we all have one or several relations in our portfolio, we all handle project management tasks. Although each assignment is different, we usually work according to the ‘waterfall’ or agile model.


The ‘waterfall model’ is a well-known methodology within ICT projects, which entails a step-by-step plan in which every completed phase is the starting point for the next one. This linear method is especially efficient for projects with a clear target in mind, such as a simple web service.


The agile method is based on the concept of progressive insight. By repeating short blocks (iterations), a working product is delivered at the end of each phase, which enables you to personally experience what has been developed. This provides more room for adjusting things or changing priorities during the project.


PRINCE2 is a project management method aimed at managing both the project and the organisation. PRINCE2 is an overarching method which can be used in combination with both the ‘waterfall’ and Agile methods. All of our project managers are PRINCE2 certified.

Testing / DTAP / DevOps

Testing is no longer handiwork. Obviously, it can serve as an additional check, but for checking if software keeps running as stated in the specifications automatic tests have become indispensable. These automatic tests take place at different levels, including more technical (unit tests) and functional tests. When automatic tests are successful, the software will be automatically implemented into the next stage of the development process. Based on the customer’s requirements we can create developing, testing, accepting, and production environments. This form of collaboration between the development team (development) and production team (operations) is also called DevOps.

Search engine optimization - SEO

It is a challenging task to make findable websites. How can visitors reach your website if Google refuses to index your site? Using Plone as a standard solution and various SEO-suitable tools, we provide advice in creating web pages through specific key words, resulting into a good ranking of your organisation and enabling an easy find of your website. ‘Content = King’ and text remains the most important factor that makes visitors find your website. Would you like to know more? Please feel free to visit or contact us.


A responsive design is meant to make the website suitable for desktops as well as tablets and mobile phones. As a webmaster you are responsible for the content of the website and you do not want to trouble yourself with its appearance on mobile phones or tablets. Visitors increasingly use their mobile phones to look things up. Responsive design enables you to show useful or less relevant information on mobile phones by scaling down or leaving out pictures.


Numerous websites are not accessible to people with visual impairments. The government has drawn up directives that can serve as guiding principles to web developers, such as text size and use of the appropriate colour contrast. We aim to meet these requirements, so as to ensure that everyone has access to the same information.

Open Source

Four Digits endorses the principle of open source which implies that the source code of software is made public. This means that everyone can give their ideas on its development. The concept of open source originated from the software sector, but more and more industries are increasingly using this concept. The idea behind open source is simple: why inventing the wheel yourself if you can work together?

ISO 9001

All of our processes and activities have been certified in accordance with the ISO 9001 standard as Four Digits’ main focus is quality. Each year, the agreements are assessed through an external audit. You will always know in advance what you are dealing with which makes things easier.


After projects have been delivered, we stay involved and provide advice and support. Questions and remarks can be forwarded to us at any given time through our support system and we will immediately respond. Urgent calls relating to connection problems and hosting issues will be resolved immediately. This method ensures that we have a clear overview on matters, on who is doing what and what progress has been made.


For some projects, Four Digits cooperates with external parties if the project in question involves graphic design, photography/film or editing. If required, these parties can accompany Four Digits to meetings with customers, but you can also opt to let us handle the communication with these external parties. In that case, you will deal with only one party that looks after your interests, which will ensure a direct and clear communication.