An intranet is more than just a digital blackboard with messages from the top of the management to the employees. An intranet needs to be an extension of your employees’ activities.

Social Intranet

An intranet where employees can contact one another through chat, microblogging (like Twitter), and where they can look at each other’s profiles and create internal groups. In this way, you create a living intranet within the organisation, which makes employees become more involved. Do your employees still stick to working hours from 9 to 5 or are they also active in the night time hours? A social intranet builds engagement.

Knowledge sharing

The basis of an intranet is the fact that internal news/agenda/information is shared between employees of your organisation. But knowledge sharing goes beyond that, as the exchange of files and personal interests or an internal market place are just a few of the possibilities.

Receiving and sending

An intranet is useful for making certain relevant announcements, but sometimes you want people to be able to send their responses as well. An intranet is more than just a portal on which the management or the HR department ‘is sending’ and the employees are receiving. This is the adjustment that Four Digits will establish within your intranet by using simple methods.

Document management

It is possible to manage your files efficiently and comfortably on an intranet by using Plone. As it provides standard features such as version management, work flow and the extensive digital rights management, you will be able to set up any form of DSM.

Contacts book

Mostly, colleagues already know each other from the work place. To find a telephone number, or look up a photograph of the IT-administrator before you make the call is very practical. By using Plone you will be able to create users and groups in an easy way.

Cost reduction

An intranet has many advantages. To illustrate: a use case within a care organisation. All employees had a company phone with which they could call one another. After people got access to the intranet and the telephone costs, the costs dropped as people became aware of their calling behaviour. Another example is the digital illness and recovery report, where a simple form is filled out and automatically sent to the correct department.


In case you wish to connect applications with the internal LDAP server or active directory, the Open Source CMS Plone can offer standard solutions. Together with you, we will make an inventory of what kind of software is used within your organisation for e.g. absence administration or accounting and we will investigate how these can be connected to the intranet in order to operate more efficiently and retrieve information more quickly.