Paperless office

Many companies are aiming at becoming paperless offices, not just to save costs, but also because it is better for the environment. We think that with the present technology there is absolutely no need to use paper in our organisation.

In the Netherlands, Four Digits is at the forefront when it comes to paperless operational management. Notes are made on our laptops, the weekly planning can be found on our digital planning board. We use our own chat programme to post questions or announcements.

Digital answer on paper

All documents, from invoices to contracts and from mail to customer data, are available and can be viewed freely by customers on our own intranet.
We promote the paperless office and at your request we can provide tips on how to reduce your paper use. As we have been through the whole transition from paper use to digital use ourselves, we are able to pass our knowledge on to others. This complements our ideas on promoting open source.

Looking to have a paperless organisation?

Besides our own organisation we have helped numerous other organisations to reduce the quantity of paper in their workplace or even do without it completely. We offer advice in the use of digital tools as a replacement for paper, and we can provide software solutions in supporting this change, e.g. by implementing a central intranet or document management system.