We carry out assignments for large and small organisations; from companies to government authorities, welfare authorities and associations. On this page you will find a selection from our portfolio.

Werkzaamheden Rijkswaterstaat

For Rijkswaterstaat we have realized the Werkzaamheden website. For the application we used React and Leaflet as main technologies and it’s connected to multiple APIs, from which the route and map information is obtained.

The application makes it possible to search for a route and see the corresponding roadworks of the road network in the Netherlands. For vananaarbeter.nl and rws.nl we realized a responsive widget that immediately shows the route information.

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For Avira, an online virus scanner provider, Four Digits ran a long-term project consisting of many various fields of expertise and project groups in the Netherlands, Germany and Romania. We were responsible for the scalability and high traffic peaks of the virus scanner software.

During this process we had to switch between customers and organisations of different nationalities to collect and use the right knowledge in order to deliver the end product.

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Hendi Food Service Equipment is an importer, distributor, exporter and manufacturer of non-food catering products, kitchen utensils and kitchen appliances. We developed an Article Information System (AIS) for this company. This system ensures an efficient management of products and specifications such as size and weight. Amazingly, in twelve languages!

The AIS is multilingual and is used internationally, e.g. in Poland and China. Part of the product information was included to the application, but another part came from other systems as well by making use of custom-made connections. Hendi has been a returning customer for more than 10 years.

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Humanitas is a Dutch volunteer organisation that promotes self-reliance. It consists of a national body with regional branches. Its website and the national intranet have been developed by us and we consider them striking examples of custom-made work. We have met the requirements of the organisation in all its expectations and uses.

Four Digits realised the integration with iDeal for donations via the website and developed the login facility for volunteers and LDAP workers on the intranet and the accessibility to their work files. It was a challenging but rewarding job: to ‘connect’ 17,000 volunteers and 92 divisions requires a lot of fine-tuning.

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Museum Arnhem

Art in one of the most beautifully situated museum buildings from the Netherlands. That is Museum Arnhem.

The museum is on the high moraine with a magnificent view over the Rhine. The collection is known for its important collection. Additionally Museum Arnhem has a high-quality collection of contemporary and applied arts and a special collection of jewelry.

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Sensire is one of the largest regional healthcare organisations providing home care and social care, for which Four Digits realised an intranet that is only accessible to Sensire’s 7,000 employees. It includes a Document Management System (DMS), a version management manual, groups, a personal work page and various other applications.

This assignment shows the versatility of Plone as a development platform and content management system. The intranet is custom built: each module and each application is built in such a way that users can immediately get started.

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Alpe d’HuZes

Alpe d’HuZes is a returning annual event in which participants, independently or in a team, raise money to contribute to the fight against cancer. With the slogan ‘giving up is not an option’ they ascend the legendary Alpe d’Huez as many as six times on one day.

The website www.opgevenisgeenoptie.nl reached 125,000 visitors on one day during the annual event Alpe d’Huzes. In collaboration with the organisation we manage this Plone website. The website provides live results and interim scores and visitors consulted more than half a million pages without any problems.

Four Digits has the knowledge to implement fully working Plone sites dealing with high traffic peaks, without high operational costs throughout the year.

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A selection from our references

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