iClean Dogwash

Washing your dog has never been easier with the iClean Dogwash. This self-service dog washing system is designed taking into account both the needs of the dog and the owner.

Embedded software
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The iClean Dog Wash is a self-service wash system with a cabin that helps the owner easily clean his / her dog's coat.

The iClean Machine

Coin recognition

The embedded computer is set up in such a way that it can be set per country to which the product has been sold. Think of currency and banknote recognition of euros, Chinese yens or dollars, but also language selection of the touchscreen or tuned videos per region. In the Netherlands there are different dog lovers than in Russia.

With a CI setup and Python software we make it possible to quickly make new releases and deploy them from location.

Milion dogs in Europe
Available languages
Available currencies

Used technique

The backend is Python combined with Django and RabbitMQ, installed on an Ubuntu Linux distribution tailored to the machine. The React frontend controls the machine through the API.


With effective sprints, we have taken the software to a higher level together with iClean, making the end product suitable for large-scale delivery to various countries.

iClean Dogwash interface
iClean Dogwash interface.

About iClean

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The iClean Dog Wash puts an end to frustration. Finally you can wash your dog ergonomically and thoroughly with this special dog shower.

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