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In 2006, an international organization (NGO), by the name One Acre Fund, started helping forty farmers in the West of Kenya. Today, they are helping over one million farmers growing more crops and earn more money. Their website’s objective is to be informative, offer job opportunities and raising funds so that the organization may grow and continue its goals.

Informative, raising funds, filling in job applications
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In 2019, One Acre Fund asked us to help them manage the website and improve the standards of their existing website.

Source: One Acre Fund
Source: One Acre Fund

Website’s speed

Their website, which is mostly visited in parts of Africa, was experiencing some issues regarding loading time and needed to be resolved. This was our first step, doing what we could to improve speed and the experience for the website’s visitors.


Salesforce is a renowned CRM publisher and has been market leaders for quite some time. For One Acre Fund, this is a vital service which processes new and existing donors automatically through a custom API.

Careers page

To increase the number of talented applicants, One Acre Fund wanted to invest in a new section: the Careers section. A lot of efforts went into creating a new concept in which the organization could enthuse new talent to the fullest extend. Due to the usage of many and large images, the challenge was to have the loading speed influenced as little as possible. Lastly, we started using implementing streamfields, tackling the desire to have great flexibility in composing custom pages using the CMS.

Give Page

An NGO, like One Acre Fund, is partially funded by its donors and is always on the look for new ones. The latest addition to the website is, as one might expect, a donation page for the Dutch public. They hope this will boost their funds, even during this troubled corona crisis.

Acive countries
1 milion
Participating farmers

Used techniques

The website has a Wagtail CMS and is connected to multiple custom APIs.

Working together

This fun partnership has been manifested through a clear understanding of what is expected of us, Four Digits. One Acre Fund was looking for a partner that offers advice and transparency. As a team, we always give our honest opinion and help One Acre Fund making the most cost-efficient decisions. We believe that this creates a great foundation for a long term partnership.

The One Acre Fund Website
The One Acre Fund Website

About One Acre Fund

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One Acre Fund is committed to millions of farmers from different countries in Africa

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