Four Digits places emphasis on quality and sustainability of solutions and processes.

Our focus on quality and durability

  1. ISO 9001 certified

    Four Digits is ISO 9001 certified since 2009. Our company processes are evaluated three times a year. We keep learning, and we keep improving.

  2. Pull requests

    Every code change is checked by at least one other developer. This way we ensure not only that the code is good, but also that it solves our customer's problem.

  3. Automated tests

    As platforms grow, it's too much work for a human to check that the software still does what it should do after a change. Automated tests make sure a change doesn't break another part of the platform. We have years of experience in writing automated tests and measuring coverage.

  4. Best practices

    Our Python code conforms to PEP8. We adhere to the Django coding guideline. For Javascript, we use the AirBnB style guide. We write meaningful commit messages and code comments.

We love code