Four Digits can create and further develop React applications for you. React is a JavaScript library for creating user-friendly web applications. React is known for its speed, efficient data handling, and managing user interfaces.

Why React?

Not so long ago, websites were simple HTML/CSS, incidentally sprinkled with a line of JavaScript. Clicking a link would discard the current page and load a completely new one.

Sometimes modern websites require to operate like full-grown applications. React makes that possible. React applications have an internal data-structure (state) and page elements (components) that represent the data. If the state changes, the relevant components update.

The data-driven and only-update-if-needed properties of React are great. Page reloads are a thing of the past, and only applicable data is exchanged with backend-systems. React applications respond instantly, resulting in a pleasant user-experience.

React enforces structured code and state management. Therefore it is the fitting framework to create rich and interactive user-interfaces. Additional advantages are:

  • Components are reusable. React applications are known for their structured code and visual consistency.
  • React applications are data-driven and make automated testing easy. It means quality-assurance and stability.
  • Websites can be written as single-page applications or replace just a small part of an existing webpage.
  • React is plain JavaScript. No magic. It can use other existing JavaScript libraries and be extended with custom code.
  • The data-driven approach makes React an excellent team-player. It can connect to backend-systems to exchange data.

Four Digits React services

Four Digits has a lot of experience with React applications. Some examples are:

  • Enterprise Resource Planning systems
  • Energy-saving calculators
  • User interfaces in embedded software
  • Route planners

What Four Digits can do for you

Our developers have extensive knowledge of React. We can:

  • Create React applications
  • Continue development on existing React applications
  • Build backend-systems to communicate with React applications
  • Connect React applications with existing backend-systems
  • Create various backend-systems
  • Provide consultancy on React applications

Are you interested in our React services?

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