Oscar is an e-commerce framework built on Django. Oscar does few assumptions about your project. Its extensible core allows your business logic to be implemented in clean manner. Apart from that, it has everything an e-commerce platform needs.


By default, Oscar is a complete webshop. It supports checkout, payment, and stock records for variations (sizes, colors). It supports stock provided by multiple partners, multiple payment sources in one order. It has access control rules governing which customer can see which products. It supports various ways to add discounts and vouchers.


Django-Oscar has an extensible core - any class can be overridden, replaced and extended. This is the key feature that allows any project to be captured accurately in the codebase without work-arounds.


The django-oscar-api package makes all of Oscars content available through a RESTful API, allowing easy integration of Oscar's content in an external system. Oscar can be used as a rock solid back-end for your website.