Our people

Developers, architects, tech leads, creatives, project managers, frontend developers, backend developers. Our team.

This is Four Digits. Together we work on projects, we do maintenance and management. We can strengthen your development team.

Foto van Ralph Jacobs
Ralph JacobsDirector. Troubleshooter.
Foto van Maarten Kling
Maarten KlingDirector. Progressor.
Foto van Franklin Kingma
Franklin KingmaTechnical lead. Developer.
Foto van Kees Hink
Kees HinkDeveloper
Foto van Thijs Kramer
Thijs KramerDeveloper
Foto van Tom Hendrikx
Tom HendrikxDeveloper
Foto van Coen van der Kamp
Coen van der KampDeveloper
Foto van Esper Kuijs
Esper KuijsDeveloper
Foto van Casper Timmers
Casper TimmersDeveloper
Foto van Siemen van Straaten
Siemen van StraatenProject Manager
Foto van Bernd de Ridder
Bernd de RidderDeveloper
Foto van Geert-Jan Hendriks
Geert-Jan HendriksDeveloper
Foto van Lennard de Vries
Lennard de VriesDeveloper
Foto van Cesco van Zundert
Cesco van ZundertDeveloper
Foto van Maikel Martens
Maikel MartensDeveloper
Foto van Chester de Lang
Chester de LangProject Manager
Foto van Roos Schouten
Roos SchoutenMarketing
Foto van Stefanie Harsevoort
Stefanie HarsevoortProject Manager
Foto van Obe Jansen
Obe JansenDeveloper
Foto van Geert-Jan van den Bosch
Geert-Jan van den BoschDeveloper

Our culture

We breathe technology

Everything we do is focused on technology. Whether we use Django, Python or React The choice for these languages is based on a need for structure and whether we can work with it as a team as a whole.

Project team

We put together a project team for each project. The synergy between different people and their skills is our strength.

The team is our number one

We work with people, for people. A customer is part of our team and that is how we act internally. Building a long-term relationship with each other and customers together is a continuous process.

Work hard, play hard

We approach many things from this motto. Because we work hard and celebrate our successes. At Four Digits we love to cake, drinks and parties!

Team Four Digits at the Efteling
Team Four Digits at the Python

We like to go out. Just get out of the office. The noses in the wind. On a company visit to the Efteling, we step into our favorite attraction. We also like to do rounds of karting. We attend conferences, code sprints and actively participate in communities. For example, Wagtail. We have organized Wagtail Space a number of times.

Diverse Four Digits activities
Diverse activities

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