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10 reasons to attend a tech conference

Attending a conference is quite a big investment: travel, accommodation, event ticket, eating, drinking, pocket money. All the time you are not working for clients, thus – not billable. So why even bother?

Number 7 might surprise you!
Deep-fried Mars bar in Edinburgh
DjangoCon 2023 Deep fried Mars bar

So, why attend a tech conference? What do you get in return?

  1. Discover relevant products, services, and software.
  2. Lots of goodies like stickers, t-shirts and job opportunities.
  3. Meet GitHub usernames/avatars in real life, and get to know the community.
  4. Team-building, your colleagues might surprise you in weird ways.
  5. Insight into the current state of your working field. You might learn a thing or two.
  6. Attending useful workshops will improve your skills.
  7. Our homemade deep-fried Mars bars are better than the real thing.
  8. The code sprint gives a deep understanding of the product.
  9. Learn about cultures and diversity.
  10. A lot of fun 🍻
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