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15 years of Four Digits

We have been working at our beautiful company for fifteen years now.

15 years of Four Digits

In all these years we have been able to work on cool and complex jobs for a wide range of customers. The current team is 17 people strong, ideal for all the jobs we want to do.

It all started when four developers had the idea to start their own company. We’ve always tried to build long-lasting relationships with our customers. Hendi was our first customer and is still with us today. More have stuck, Humanitas, NPO, Liemerije, Municipality of Arnhem have all been customers with us for more than 10 years. Without the beautiful assignments that we have done with you all, we would not be where we are today.

15 Years

Friends all over the world

We have made so many friends in recent years. Everyone from the Plone community. The highlight for us in 2012 was the conference in the Netherlands which we organized. But also the Wagtail community in which we are now very active and have been able to organize wagtail.space several times. Of course we also visited many countries and cities such as Naples, San Fransico, Bristol and many more.

We have always had the pleasure to be surrounded by enthusiasts of Python and development. Our trip would not have been as beautiful without you! From all those trips and conferences, so many beautiful stories, from the Katana at the airport, or closing the club in Sorrento to hospital visits in Crete and Portugal (swimming pools are dangerous).

Group photo

Four times Four is sixteen

Unfortunately there is no 15th-anniversary party because of COVID. We would have gone to Barcelona with all colleagues and partners for a long weekend, to celebrate what we have achieved. We are postponing it until next year. Because 4 x 4 is 16, so that sounds great too.

Team photo

Thanks to Ralph, Franklin, Maarten, Martijn J, Rob, Roel, Priscilla, Mark, Yadi, Jeroen, Ilja, Martijn S, Sjoerd, Steven, Kees, Paul, Mike, Ludolf, Tom, Thijs, Coen, Cesco, Cemal, Esper, Casper, Thomas, Bjorn, Siemen, Bernd, Daniel, Geert-Jan, Lennard, and a bunch of interns.

On to another 15 years.

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