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4D, Plone, 2011 and beyond

A new year, new people, a great Plone version and the first Plone 4 sites popping up.

Plone 4

As of the first of September 2010, the new Plone 4.0 was released. We where already looking at the possibilities and using the beta for some new solutions. In the beginning of November our first official Plone 4 site was launched and is still performing at its best! At this point we are launching all new sites in Plone 4 and I don't think we will ever look back. I cant wait until the 4.1 release and all the even more evolved features are available for ourselves and the users using Plone.

Diazo formaly known as XDV

My personal knowledge is limited (I'm able to read the ruleset and append it when needed) as it comes to Diazo and all the possibilities for Diazo. What I do know is that it is a nice way to spread the working activities around multiple parties. Getting complete HTML for company X and only having to worry about creating the best Plone solutions is great. Even better is less touching IE6/7/8 as the HTML is written by someone else, and not always my problem any more! Less IE in 2011 will make everyone a little bit happier ;-)

2011 and beyond

In my opinion this year will be a combination of creating great Plone 4 solutions and using the best of available knowledge around! The company is growing again as new people will start this March and make it possible to create even more great stuff!

We love code


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