• Martijn Jacobs

A EuroPython impression, part I

Four Digits is getting more and more involved into the Plone community, but what about the Python community? To find out, we decided to go to the EuroPython conference this year at the Birmingham conservatory.

We arrived on monday evening and we met some Dutch Demoscene friends at the airport. After traveling to New street station, which is only 15 minutes by train from the airport, we checked in at our hotel and went for a walk to the city centre. We decided to meet in a pub called The Australian Bar and have a chat with the other EuroPython visitors. Discussions started immediately about Plone and it is clear that the Plone community is still seen as a separate group of people. Some work for Ploners to be done here!

Pareto at Euro Python

It's good to see that our colleagues from Pareto are there too.

On tuesday, the first day of the conference itself, we were happily surprised by seeing a Plone logo over there.

Hamilton Plone Stand

Matt Hamilton from Netsight is running a Plone stand to promote it.

One of the nicest talks in the morning was from Simon Willison about the recent issues about the MP's expenses in the UK. He developed a django application so users can dig into the expenses and identify them, for example if they need further investigation.

See the website at http://mps-expenses.guardian.co.uk/

Simon Presentation

Interesting fact was that the application was developed in 4.5 days (!) and how he managed to make the website actual perform pretty good, and what lessons were learned from this project.

More coverage (hopefully) to follow soon!

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