• Yadi Dragtsma

ABC: Always Be Closing

Calvin Hendryx-Parker gave a very interesting talk about selling Plone. How do you talk to potential customers? By listening rather than talking.

Calvin Hendryx-Parker

The guidelines in a nutshell:

What not to do

use jargon - just keep it simple and understandable

show irrelevant features - it only looks more difficult, even if you thinks it's cool to show of

talk about yourself - it is not about you

talk bad about other technologies - Plone is good, but there is more out there

What to do

listen - find out what it is the other person is looking for

know who you are talking to - find out how well the audience is informed and if necessary, adjust the presentation

build a relationship - do not start a conversation with a sales pitch. Find common interests to begin with

Be prepared

have everything installed and tested - If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. So make sure all the equipment is working

have a folder with demo content of many types - if a demo is not working, have something else for backup

run it local - we like to believe there is internet everywhere, but sometimes there is not. So run your demo local. At least have a backup stand by

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