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Arnhem Sprint Day 2

The second sprint day has started, let’s have a recap from yesterday.

The sprint officially started yesterday. At the kickof all PLIP champions said what they would like to do this week and convinced others to join their teams. During the day new people arrived every hour and we will start today with 30 people.

Arnhem Sprint Day 2 5 teams

There are 5 teams:


Focusing on plone app widgets

Created setup enviorments and closed first ticket


Remove base tag from Plone, Plone Events, and plone.app.users

Base tag was removed from Plone and they started to fix the many tests depending on the tag


Remove selected portal tools

Started looking at what to do and set up local envirnoments


Remove old skins and Mulitilingual

Made main_template html5, this broke 2000 tests, already fixed 1000 again

Started working on tickets for Multilingual


Converting control panels to z3c.form and dexterity based contenttypes

Converted some controlpanels to z3c.forms and closed contenttypes bugs

As you can see, there is a main focus on removing stuff from Plone 5 to make it better and easier.

Breaking the build means cake for everyone

Buildstatus Screens

At the sprint there is one simple rule: If you break the Plone 5 jenkins tests then you have to buy cake for everyone. The tests failed a few times yesterday but of course that was nobody’s fault, so Four Digits got some cake to close the day.

Current excuses list:

  • It was already broken [tisto]
  • Its not a error, its a jenkins feature [bloodbare]
  • There is no excuses, i can fix it [bloodbare]
  • Its not even used, its the plip [tisto]
  • [garbas] Hi Timo, heard you broke the test! [tisto] WHO said that!

On to a good sprint day!

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