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Arnhem Sprint Day 3

The third sprint day has started, let’s have a recap from yesterday.

At around 8.30 we got a call from Ralph that he would not join the sprint anymore as his wife gave birth to a baby girl that night. To stay in sprinting terms: “Build succesful”!

Arnhem Sprint Group Photo

Yesterday the following was done:

We finally set the sprint goal: remove 3% of code from Plone.


Focusing on plone app widgets

Random bugs fixed, documentation is made http://plone.github.io/mockup/dev/#hello-world


Remove base tag from Plone, Plone Events, and plone.app.users

Removing base tag is done, plip is handed over for review. Much events stuff is done


Remove selected portal tools

The “portal_interface” tool is gone.


Remove old skins and Mulitilingual

Test fixed and issues closed.


Converting control panels to z3c.form and dexterity based contenttypes

Several issues closed and conversations about tickets done.


Everyday there is a grouplunch and last night there was a group dinner made by Rob and Kees at the office. In the middle of the night people are still getting cheese from the fridge :) and commiting code!

Arnhem Sprint Lunch


Several people also did some real physical activity (yes, really): Rob, Maarten, Asko, Rok, and Kees went for a short sprint before lunch.

We love code


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