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Arnhem Sprint Day 4

The fourth sprint day has started, let’s have a recap from yesterday.

All the teams continued working on their tasks, day and night are being shifted a bit, as check-ins continue in the late hours. There was a group dinner last night and the vibe is really great! There are lots and lots of open discussions going on and people working real hard to focus on their plips.


Still focusing on plone app widgets!

Working to get a release by friday, depending on p.a.events and p.a.contenttypes release


Remove base tag from Plone, Plone Events, and plone.app.users.

More work done on the p.a.event and user stuff.


Remove selected portal tools. portal_actionicons, portal_interface and portal_undomay be considered removed. portal_atct, portal_factory and portal_metadata are moved to ATCT. portal_transform is converted to an utility and the storage of the transforms is looked at.


Remove old skins and Mulitilingual.

Moved to Theme work


Converting control panels to z3c.form and dexterity based contenttypes.

Worked on several p.a.contenttypes behaviours and bugs


Work continues on the new (proposed) diazo theme for Plone5. Check out the (beta) design below!

Plone 5 screenshot proposal
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