• Yadi Dragtsma

Arnhem, we have a lift off

The official website for the Ploneconf 2012, www.ploneconf.org has been launched and made public on plone.org and Twitter.

Now we are definitely in business. Over the last few months, we have put a lot of effort in the design, logo and content. For your information, we hereby explain some of the choices we made during the proces.

As you can see, we used the colors blue and orange while designing it. Blue obvious relates to Plone, but it is also one of the colors in de national flag of the Netherlands. Orange is incorporated in the Four Digits logo and it also happens to be the color of the nation. In short: Our royal families name is 'from Orange' and for example; national sportsteams have the designation 'team of orange'.

De conference site is the backbone to the marketing Plone and the city of Arnhem. When this is over, we hope Plone has gained popularity among decisionmakers and companies. A well organised conference can make that possible. By launching ploneconf.org, we took the first step:) Wel also hope to give Arnhem a boost. We tried to make all those goals visible in the design and content of the site.

From now on, Four Digits is going to keep you posted on news and development regarding the preparation of the conference. So bookmark ploneconf.org and come back soon. News will be published on the conference site and twitteraccount @ploneconf. Apart from news and updates, we also put up some useful content for all you first time visitors. Everything you need to know about Arnhem can be found here.

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