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Behold: the Ploneconf 2012 team

As from now, Four Digits has started the initial preparations on the upcoming PloneConf in october.

We have the venue and we have formed a team to make it happen. If you have suggestions, ideas or questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

While writing the bid for the conference, we also formed a task force that will handle the organisation. It is a lot of work so we need all the help we can get. Down the road we anticipate on more people who can assist, but Four Digits will handle the main things to do.  Here is how it is done.

Maarten Kling: Attendee manager

Maarten was responsible for writing the bid and during the conference, he is in charge of registration, the budget, information desk and welcome. Questions about where to stay, your fee or anything related to money and sponsoring, contact him.

Ralph Jacobs: Social Activity manager

Ralph is the man you need to contact for information about Arnhem, what to see and what to do. He makes sure you will visit the best bars, the best restaurants and the thing you must see when visiting the city. It is his responsibility to come up with a great beter half program.

Sjoerd: Venue & Sprint manager

Sjoerd will handle everything that happens at the venue. He is in contact with the people there and he is in charge of things and stuff we need there: beamers, tables, chairs and things like coffee and lunch. Sjoerd also coordinates the lightning talks, sprints and stand ups.

Rob Gietema: Program manager

Rob is assigned to scheduling and programming. He will make a day to day program that contains all the talks, sprints and open spaces. At the venue, we have multiple rooms and a great auditorium; Rob has the overview on what is happening where and when. Apart from that, Rob takes care of the key note speaker and other VIP's who will speak at the conference.

Yadi Dragtsma: Marketing manager

Our marketing and PR guy. He does the contact with the press, handles the website and social platforms like Twitter, this blog and other meda. If all goes well, everybody in Arnhem is going to know that Plone is in town. During the conference, Yadi will do reports, stories and updates for the people back home.

Martijn Jacobs: Party manager

Martijn is not in the photo, but nevertheless he plays a vital part in the organisation. Martijn is developer, DJ and part of a successful dance music act. He is the party manager and takes care of the conference fest. The music, the equipment, the acts… Martijn is on top of things.

For information or questions regarding the conference:


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