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Building, Civil engineering, Moving: part II

In April 2009 we got the keys to our new Four Digits Office. Now its time to expand (again)!

About 3 months ago we heard the rumour that our neighbours where moving out, a perfect chance to expand our office to the ground floor!

Ground Floor Reconstruction Paint

As of the 4th of January 2010 we are the proud owners of the ground and 1st floor of willemsplein 44!

Time to pick up all the construction tools again and design everything to our needs.

Ground Floor Reconstruction Entrance

We will be having two befriended companies in the ground floor:

Goed Idee Media specializes in small business content management. Have you ever made a Plone site where you had cut out more than leave behind? These guys made a system that delivers just the basics of content and user management with an easy way to add specialized plugins.

Catharsis Design is Patrick Kreling, graphic designer and web designer with a broad network. His focus is on the development of corporate identities, website design and create complex user friendly interfaces. He also gives educational workshops for Computer Communications Academy (ICA) of Hogeschool Arnhem Nijmegen.

Willemsplein 44 Outside

Just two floors left before expanding horizontally! :-D

We love code


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