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Building, CIVIL engineering and Moving Four Digits Office

It is time to move from our good old office into a brand new one!

Willemsplein 44 Reconstruction Ralph Jacobs

Since April the 1st we recieved the keys to our new office. Lucky for us there was LOTS and LOTS of work to do in the new office located on Willemsplein 44 (Arnhem). It was time to put on our 'work clothes' and start with it!

Willemsplein 44 Reconstruction Hallway

We all worked hard and long evenings to get the walls cleaned and painted. We are still not there, but getting closer. After the sorrento symposium we will move into a 2.5 times bigger office including airconditioning \o/.

Here is a photo taken from the street/square:

Willemsplein 44 Four Digits Office

Construction and Moving the Four digits website

It was also time to update the Four Digits website again. It was running on Plone 3.0.6 and now its on 3.2.2, including all pages in English using LinguaPlone.

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