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Cathedral Sprint, a short update

Our developers Roel Bruggink and Kees Hink are in Cologne, working on the new Plone 5 release.

Plone 5 screenshot

It’s the morning of the fourth day here in Cologne, so time for an update.

We are about 30 developers now, and we’ve split up in 6 teams, larger or smaller. I’m in the Theme Team. We’re working on the new Barceloneta theme for Plone 5. It will be beautiful to look at. Also, the HTML will be a lot cleaner.

Roel is working in the Javascript team. Plone 5 will ship with beautiful Javascripts that will make it even easier to use. They’re also taking care to make our Javascript setup reusable and well tested.

The Quality Assurance team are making sure the whole Plone stack keeps being tested thoroughly. One nice extra is that soon we will have screenshots from our automated tests.

Other people are still removing old form libraries in favour of new ones, taking care of migrations, fixing bugs in contenttypes and events, working on the new plone.org… There was an Open Spaces session about the Products section on plone.org (will be discontinued, at least in its current form). There was also an Open Spaces on the long term policy for Plone and its technology stack (with respect to Zope2 and Python 3).

Lots of stuff happening! You can get an idea of the buzz that’s going on via Twitter. And now, if you’ll excuse me, i must return and remove some more DT/DL/DD elements from templates. We’ll post again soon!

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