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Classifieds 1.5b

A new (crossover) version of Classifieds is released and available on plone.org and PyPi.

Just today I released a new version of Classifieds, a add-on for Plone which allows you to place classifieds on your website or intranet.


1.5 will be the Crossover release which introduces two new contenttypes: OrderedClassifiedCategory (a Classifieds Category with order) and OrderedClassifieds (Container which contains the category). With these new types is possible to manually create a ordering in your (Classifieds) categories. I made this feature in a response of a view issues posted on the Classifieds issue-tracker. All the classifieds you already have can easily be cut and pasted into the new categories. At the moment I don't have a solution for a automatic migration, thats why the new contenttypes are introduced in the add-on.

Sceenshot Classifieds 1.5b

Screenshot of Classifieds 1.5b


New features of this product include: Multiple pictures for a Classified, 'E-mail the author' option, Directlink to the classified for copy/pasting, Picture and description added to Categories and contains some small template changes for better usability.


I'm thinking of other features to implement, and removing the old contenttypes at a certain point.


If you have idea's about features which can be included in Classifieds, let me know. Also, other feedback is welcome.


The product is availabe for download on plone.org and PyPi.

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