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A blog post about Classifieds, my first open source Plone add-on. With the product you can add categories and classifieds to your Plone site.

Hi everyone, this is my first post on the Four Digits blog. It's about 'Classifieds' a Plone add-on product I wrote which is available on plone.org, pypi. The source code is placed in the collective.

What does it do?

With the 'Classifieds' product you can add categories and classifieds to your Plone website, intra or extranet. People can use it to sell or buy things on your site, to get in touch with eachother or use it for other purposes.

Here a screenshot of the 'main view':

Classifieds Screenshot

How did it start?

Since this is one of my first Plone Products and at the time I had no knowledge about the different techniques, I started the project using ArgoUML and ArchGenXML, just to see what kind of code would be generated and especially why it was generated that way. In a relative short period of time I learned about Archetypes, Browser view classes, ZCML, i18n, eggs, setup-profiles and so on. It was certainly a great learning experience.

Basic Usage of the product

Classifieds works like any other contenttype for Plone. It can be added using the 'Add new item' menu. I've written a howto which explains basic usage, how to add classifieds and categories to your website.

You can find the howto here: http://plone.org/products/classifieds/documentation/how-to/adding-classifieds-and-categories-to-your-site/

The product comes with a few basic views, you can browse the categories, view the latest classifieds or view all of them.

Current stage

Currently the product is at version 0.5, in beta stage. I'm still thinking about a few functionalities I would like to add. I hope you like the product and ofcourse, suggestions are always welcome!


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