• Roel Bruggink

collective.anonymousview released

collective.anonymousview allows authenticated users to view a page as if they are not logged in.

What is collective.anonymousview and why does it exist?

During the interviews done by Laurens some of the clients said that they use a second browser to see what the website looks to normal visitors. We also use multiple browser to see how the website behaves.

We released collective.anonymousview (SVN, pypi, plone.org) to allow content editors (and our developers) to view the current page as an anonymous user more easily. The product adds an extra tab to the object actions bar, which links to a browserview that under water uses urllib2 to open that page for you. That way you effectively have an extra browser, and it saves time for our clients and developers, because they no longer have to navigate through the website (or copy the url) in a seperate browser.

What does it look like?

The extra tab is located to the right side:

Anonymous View Extra Tab

The normal 'logged in' screen looks like this:

Anonymous View Authenticated

And the 'anonymous' screen, with just another browserview looks like this:

Anonymous View Anonymous


Installation is the same as other products:

Add the following to buildout.cfg:

eggs +=
zcml +=

Next up is to install it via the quickinstaller, or (if you use that) include it in your policy product (page 14) and reinstall that.

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