• Yadi Dragtsma

Dutch Magazine runs story on Plone Conf

A well known Dutch magazine is going to print a story on the Plone conference that took place in november.

At the moment we are busy writing the article with the help of Elizabeth Leddy. She was one of the two main organizers in San Francisco.

At this moment, it is uncertain wich magazine will run the story, but we know for sure that it will be published (That sounds strange but trust us). It's going to be three pages and it will focus on the city of San Francisco, the conference and the Plone community.

If everything goes well, we can present it in January. It is in Dutch, but we will make it availible for download and if there is time, we might do a translation in English. Elizabeth Leddy, who was involved in the organisation, is helping us.

If you were there and if you have great photo's of the city, the congres or maybe of the party, please send them or a link to yadi(at)fourdigits(dot)nl We might use them for illustration. Please make sure the quality of the photo meets the standard for print.

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