• Roel Bruggink

Dutch Plone translation sprint: the results

Plone is once again 100% Dutch.

Due to Plone 3.3 being in testing fase, the need for an new Dutch translation has risen. We had fallen behind from a perfect 100% translation to a mere 96%. A perfect opportunity to organise a sprint and subject our colleagues to slaverish labour (Har har!). 'Cause we are such greate people to hang with (or because good translations are important), many had shown interest and so we had 13 men eager for beer and Plone around the office; Duco, Kees, Arjen, Wietse and Kim Chee from GW20e, Fred and Maurits from Zest Software, Jarno from Pareto, and last but not least Rob, Maarten, Roel and Laurens from Four Digits.

GW20e arrived Dutch Translation Sprint

Four Digits provided food and drinks, so the fierce men from GW20e arrived first. They had forgotten the road beer and thus -even before unpacking- dived into our fridge to confiscate our last Jever!

Jever Dutch Translation Sprint

Kees biting the bullet on PloneBoard.

Kees Hink Dutch Translation Sprint

Roel and Jarno slaved away over Kupu, the Password reset tool and Plone itself,

Roel Jarno Dutch Translation Sprint

while Rob and Kim Chee wrestled with the whole of CMF and LinguaPlone.

Rob Kim Chee Dutch Translation Sprint

Rob and Kim Chee aka Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope

Just in time for diner, our last guests Fred and Maurits from Zest arrived. Although they missed the kick-off, they made up a lot by going for Archetypes and more.

Fred Dutch Translation Sprint
Maurits Dutch Translation Sprint

Duco and Wietse googling for the steps to Tango to Singing & dancing

Duco Wietse Dutch Translation Sprint

Arjen and Maarten (taking the picture) translating PloneGlossary, Poi, PoPoll, PloneFormGen, AddRemoveWidget, FlashUpload, PloneGazette and many more.

Arjen Dutch Translation Sprint

Around 02:00 it was more then obvious that we should wrap things up.

Duco Dutch Translation Sprint

A final look at the board shows us that we have accomplished a lot in just a few hours!

Planboard Dutch Translation Sprint

Since our handwriting isn't very nice, one could say very bad, here are the translated products:

  • Plone
  • PloneHelpCenter
  • Poi
  • PloneFormGen
  • PloneBoard
  • Mlango (awarded ten points by the EuroSongfestival jury)
  • PloneGetPaid
  • PlonePoPoll
  • Singing & dancing
  • PloneGlossary (Turned out to be somewhat harder, because the product was translated using German string ids.)
  • Classifieds
  • FlowPlayer
  • DataGridField
  • AddRemoveWidgt
  • P4A.PloneCalendar
  • PloneGazette
  • PloneSoftwareCenter
  • PloneFlashUpload (z3c.widget)

+ And the ones I forgot.

To say it once more: Plone is a Dutchie! 100%!

Disclaimer: Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. All models over 18 years of age.

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