• Yadi Dragtsma

Fingers crossed during vote

This week, the community decides wether the Plone Conf 2012 will be held in Arnhem or Paris.

Two companies turned in a prososal, so we have a 50/50 chance of winning the vote. If all goes well, the decision will be made public on monday the 23th of january.

In october or november, the 2012 edition of the Plone Conference will take place and one thing is certain: it will be in Europe. Four Digits wrote a proposal and so did Abstract and Fanelli Consulting from Paris, France.

The procedure: from 16 until the 20 of januari, the foundation members give their advisory vote. After that, the board of directors meet to discuss the result. They will make the formal desicion, although it is expected that the board follows the advice of the foundation members. As said, monday 23rd of januari is D-Day for both Arnhem and Paris

The members as well as the Board are facing a challenge; both Arnhem (The Netherlands) and Paris (France) are great cities with a rich history. Two great venues for a conference.

As for now, it is out of our hands. We are convinced that the community will pick the right place for the conference and no matter what the result is: Four Digits is going to be there.

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