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    Ralph Jacobs

Four Digits in fittest organisation competition

Four Digits competes in the “De fitste organisatie van Gelderland” competition.

De Fitste Organisatie van Gelderland

Companies and institutions participate with a team up to ten people. All participants undergo a comprehensive health check to include BMI, body fat, cholesterol and fitness. The healhcheck is done again after ten weeks. The team that booked the most health gains wins. The winners of the competition will be announced during the Sports Gala in  Tiel on December 12th of 2013.

Gelderse Sport Federatie

A complete team of the Gelderse Sport Federatie came to visit our company. A health coach was assigned to our company and his collegues conducted the different parts of the health check. We would like to thank to whole team for a relaxed and informal atmosphere during the tests.

Four Digits competes

All the eight members of Four Digits were part of the health check. Here an impression of the tests:

Franklin Cycling

Franklin cycling

Rob Stretching

Rob: “And stretch”

GSF Sign

GSF Vitale werknemer sign

10 Weeks

The coming weeks we’ll exercise, improve life quality and try to stay/get fit. We are curious if we can win this thing!

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