• Yadi Dragtsma

Four Digits participates in World Plone Day

Every year, Plone community members and companies all over the globe celebrate World Plone Day, an event that aims to promote the benefits of Plone.

Four Digits also participates; on this day, we like to meet, catch up and interact with all customers, interested people, new people, business relations and other companies in Arnhem.

World Plone day is one of those important events in the Plone community. The nice thing is that everybody is free to do whatever he or she likes, as long as it has a link with Plone. One company promotes Plone by giving a demonstration, others choose to meet up and have have all kinds of Plone related talks.

World Plone Day Logo

Our approach to WPD? We try to combine two things. On the one hand, we want to talk, meet and catch up with all our (business) relations. We like to know how they are doing and how we might be able to help. For interested people, new people and our customers, it's a chance to take a look around our office and ask questions about Plone, current or future versions.

Participants who come to our office can attend a short presentation about open source and Plone. We believe in open source as a way to achieve new ways of working together, new technologies and new ideas. More and more branches discover open source. Why? Come and find out.

World Plone Day at Four Digits will be held on April 25 from 13:30 untill 16:30h. There is no need to call or mail in advance. Just drop in whenever you like. For those attending our event, we will have a small, yet tasteful gift to celebrate this day. Talking about tasteful treats, don't forget our offer for people who attend the Plone conference for the first time.

We hope to see you all on World Plone Day 2012

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