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Four Digits sponsors Arnhem Falcons

Four Digits has become main sponsor of the American Football club the Arnhem Falcons. Last Sunday was the first game on their new field in Arnhem.

Last sunday the Arnhem Falcons played their first game against Lightning Leiden on the new field in Arnhem. They won! Final score 13-12.

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The Falcons played on their new field. In a deal with a nearby hospital they have a brand new perfect American Football field. This type of field is used by 7 out of the top 10 NFL American Football teams. The 2012 Superbowl was played on the exact same type of field. So understandably, the Falcons are very happy with this.


Four Digits is sponsoring the Arnhem Falcons as part of our made in Arnhem vision. We also have American Football enthousiast in our team, so it all fits together!

We became one of two shirt sponsors, which came out very nice!

Arnhem Falcons Shirt Sponsor Sideline

First game

The first game on their new field with their new shirts and they won! With 13-12 it was a very exciting game. The game was heavily attended even though the wind made it very cold. 3 out of 4 conversions were missed, wind conditions were likely to blame.

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