• Yadi Dragtsma

Goodies in the bag

Here at the conference, the most important talks for a marketing and PR guy are after lunch.

Goodie Bag Plone Conf 2011

In the meanwhile, I will show some of the goodies they gave us at registration. I hope we can bring them home safely…

As usual, there is the PloneConf T-shirt. This one is dark blue, with a picture of the Golden Gate Bridge and the words: PLONEconf San Francisco 2011 10th Anniversary Ploneconf.org. Its a nice shirt, that will look great next to my Living Statues Sprint shirt.

I am a little concerned about the other gift we've been given. Its a nice glass with the words: This BUILDOUT break brought to you by: Six Feet Up. Now its gonna be a problem to get these home safe. I don't think customs allow glass in your hand luggage.

The only solution is to put all four glasses in my suitcase when we go back. Lets hope customs will handle it with care. I really want to take all the goodies home. I mean, it's like a trophy, it is the physical proof that you attended the congres.

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