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Introducing wagtail-bugs

Wagtail CMS has one major issue: It’s too good. Every change is well thought through. Every release is tested extensively, both automatically and by humans. This makes making money on Wagtail almost impossible. That’s why we created wagtail-bugs! A bug every now and then will keep you in contact with your customer, and legitimize the support contract.

Introducing Wagtail bugs

We need Bugs

Every month your project managers have to send the customer a timesheet containing the hours spent on customer support, and every month it is empty. Customers might be wondering why they need a support contract. Wagtail CMS isn’t helping, so we are.

We need bugs, lots of bugs, once every week (or each day or every month, depending on the service contract). Let your developers relax, make your projectmanager look busy, and have your customer think you are working like crazy to fix everything.

Enter wagtail-bugs

For this reason, we created wagtail-bugs. Just install it like any other add-on and go to the settings in the Wagtail admin interface.

There are two settings:

  • "Bug time" is the time the bug starts to appear.
  • "Time elapsed" defines how many the hours the bug will be visible. You won't have to actually look at the bug, it will magically disappear after this time period.

The package comes with 3 pre-defined bugs that will work on most Wagtail sites:

  • Cannot log in
  • Contact form error
  • Move logo 10px (random direction)

See the detailed documentation to see how to create custom bugs.


Get your bug

Have a look at the package, and feel free to use it for your benefit! Pull requests welcome.

We love code


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