• Yadi Dragtsma

Keynote Building Bridges by PJ Onori

Day 2 of the PloneConf 2011 started with some lighting talks and after that, P.J. Onori did his keynote speech at the Century 9 movie theater. He is the lead product designer at Seabright, a product design and development company. He worked with both developers and designers and his message to the community was that it is all about the user experience. "Collaboration is fun."

P.J. Onori Plone Conf 2011

You are designing experiences …and you did not even know it. P.J Onori started his speech with this phrase. You get a great product when both beautiful design and solid architecture come together. Look at Google or the iPad; the best design combined with the best technology. When the design is bad or the technology is unstable, the product will not be a succes.

according to Onori, there is often a disconnect between developers and designers because of cultural differences. Developers should be aware of this, since it is all about the user experience. The more we understand about design, the better the product becomes. It is even better when developers and designers work together more often. Talk, interact and learn.

So collaboration between developers and designers is fun and useful. The last advice Onori gave, was to think about design in every day life. Look at things and try to understand why it is done that way. The more we know about design, the better developers we become.

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