• Yadi Dragtsma

Ladies and gentleman, we 've got it

The Plone conference 2012 will take place in Arnhem, the Netherlands.

The foundation members have had their advisory vote and the majority favored Arnhem. Last weekend, the Board made the final decision, so now we can start the preparations. Needless to say we are very happy to be elected.

We already put together a team together that will take care of initial planning and preparations. Of course, during the conference, we will need all the help we can get so all of the Four Digits employees will be assigned to a specific task. We had our first post-proposal planning meeting today and are in the works of making the planning up to the event.

We will keep you posted on all the relevant information in the months to come. Here, on Twitter and we will utilize the Dutch local and (if possible) national media. Apart from organising a great conference, we want to promote Arnhem as one of the best cities in the Netherlands. The company is located here and all the Four Digits members live in Arnhem.

The Plone conference 2012 will be held in the very heart of Arnhem centre, within walking distance of pubs, restaurants, shops, and public transport. In fact, the venue is very close to the office. We are going to our best to make sure you all have a great time here. Check out our proposal for more info on both the conference and the city of Arnhem.

And just to get you warmed up, a few of the many thing to see here. As mentioned in Mark Corum's article, Arnhem has a famous bridge that played a key role during the second world war in The Netherlands. Be sure to see the movie A Bridge Too Far featuring Sean Connery, Gene Hackman and Robert Redford (which sadly wasn't filmed in Arnhem).

Arnhem also houses one of the biggest zoo's in Holland, as well as the only historical open air museum in the country. In all, it's a beautiful city with lots of nice shops, cosy bars en a lot of parks to take a stroll in.

For updates keep track of this blog, and the soon to launch Plone conf website. For now: we thank the community for the opportunity to host the conference and we thank Abstract and Fanelli Consulting for putting in a great bid. Hope to see all you guys in October!

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