Rob Gietema
Rob Gietema
3 september 2010

Living Statues Sprint 2010: The Results

The Living Statues Sprint 2010 is over during which a lot of progress has been made.

We had a great time working on Deco, Tiles and Block and closed a total of 41(!) tickets!


From wednesday until sunday we worked on Deco, Tiles and Blocks. We created a lot of tickets in Trac in advance to get an overview of what should be done. The complete list can be found on All the tickets were converted to post-it’s.

Agile Plan Board

The team

A total amount of 20 people worked in teams on the separate tickets in different areas including design, javascript, front-end and back-end. Twice a day we did a stand-up, one after lunch and one at the end of the day, to see what progress has been made and what tasks still needed to be done.

Standup Meeting

Completed tasks

A short summary of some of the tasks which have been done:

  • Create functional field tiles, which are a mapping of content type fields
  • Create a default layout which is used by all views using blocks (the current setup doesn’t need the main template anymore!)
  • Create a new design for the Deco UI toolbar
  • Convert all the settings to use the new functionality of
  • Improve testcoverage of (now at around 80%-90%)
  • Create a global undo manager
  • Create an automated testsetup using Hudson
  • Convert all the current viewlets/portlets to tiles, including related items, language selector, lock info, keywords, documentbyline, workflow history, rss, login, calendar and many more
  • Create the attachment tile
  • Create content listing tile
  • Create comments tile
  • Javascript JSLint and coverage

Final result

The goal for the end of the sprint was to create a fully functional website using Deco, Tiles and Blocks. At the end of the sprint on sunday at 22:00 the website went live being the first ever website using Deco, Tiles and Blocks!

Deco Website Homepage


We have created a flickr set of the pictures which have been created during the sprint.

I would like to thank everyone who participated in the sprint and hope to see you all next year at the Living Statues Sprint 2011!

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