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Living Statues Sprint 2011 wrap up

The Living Statues Sprint 2011 is over. What happened, what got done and what's still left?

First of all I would like to thank everyone for coming. It was a great sprint with a good atmosphere and lots of things got done. Even with all that it was very productive as well. All in all, great stuff!

In numbers.

We started with 78 tickets.
We closed 42 tickets
And ended with 47 still open

Those who did the math will notice that we ended with 89 tickets. And thats true, we ended with more tickets than we started with. We found bugs, extra features were thought of and some features were partly implemented and expansions postponed.

What got done

To see a complete list of what got done per ticket see projects.plone.org The projects NEWUI and DECO.

An (incomplete) summary of features implemented:

  • Image repository for images tiles and others (Jamie Lentin, Ralph Jacobs)
  • Frontpage of a Plone site is now Deco-able (Roel Bruggink)
  • Rewritten block merging to data attributes, it's now HTML5 and cleaner (Laurence Rowe, Tom Lazar, Rob Gietema)
  • Tinymce for Deco editting (Andi Zeidler, Rob Gietema)
  • Fixed Dexterity Based plone.app.collections (Timo Stollenwerk, Hanno Slichting)
  • Create proposal plone.app.users (Timo Stollenwerk, Kees Hink)
  • Numerous (critical) bugfixes and enhancements (Kim Chee Leong, Franklin Kingma)
  • Permissions and workflow in Deco (Yiorgis Gozadinos, Maarten Kling)
  • Drag and drop and other javascript capable testing for Deco and more (Jan Murre, Godefroid Chapelle)
  • Github migration, not just on this sprint (Rok Garbas)
  • Bugfixes and other updates/fixes (David Siedband, Florian Friesdorf)

And everything I forgot and everyone I forgot to mention. Sorry!


Besides awesome development a number of productive discussions were also held. Amongst others one initilized by Geir Bækholt about the UI of plone.app.cmsui. Some great idea's were brewed and are being worked on (mockup here).

Learning points

I consider the sprint to be succesful and we will be hosting another one next year. Yet there are always learning points, one of them was involvment from outside.  One of the ways will hopefully be tweeting our standups. If you have any other suggestions, please let us know!

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