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May: Evaluation Time again

For the third time in a row we evaluated Four Digits as a company including all employees of Four Digits. This time in a big villa in Faro, Portugal.

Where is Four Digits standing now, how is everyone individually doing, are we missing things, what was (really) good and what was (really) bad? Some of the many questions we asked ourselves in more than 30 different discussion items, which were on the agenda.


This time we went to the beautiful Algarve at Portugal,where we rented a very nice villa in a small village, including an own pool and a big BBQ! Algarve is know for having a good sunshine up to 30 degrees in May. So everything was set fora good relaxing atmosphere for talking and thinking for five whole days.

May Evaluation Pool


One thing learned in the past three years, talking about things which are known, still helps to get everyone in the same direction. Also a good thing to see is when we where talking about Plone, we were talking about all the good stuff happening to our company while using Plone.


We also did a SWOT analysis of Four Digits in a brainstorm session, which is a structural method to discuss all the different aspects of the company.

Personal 360 Feedback

Personal 360 Feedback

Before the meeting we filled in 78 personal questions about each other. This was done using the 360º  feedback way, 360º feedback measures competences generated from yourself and co-workers. Sometimes an evaluation took more than 3.5 hours per person… This way we all got a good personal insight.


Our customers got the chance to evaluate us using a survey tool setup for them at our support system. This report was used to look at Four Digits from a customers view.

Suppliers and Partners

We also evaluated all out suppliers and partners from the last year. This was done by filling out 20 questions per supplier/partner and having discussions about alternatives or improvements.

Next year(s)

Our main focus is set on Plone for many years now, and we will be keeping it that way! The 10% manifesto and organizing the World Statue Sprint are just a few things, more will come!

We love code


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