• Roel Bruggink

New maintainer for MacPorts python24

Roel Bruggink has stepped up as the maintainer for MacPort's python24 port.

Python24 + Snow Leopard != fun

When Snow Leopard was released, I noticed that our favorite program Mac Ports' python24 didn't exactly worked as I expected. Thanks to fschultze, I had a working alternative. But, I would like to keep stuff like python24 in macports.

Complaining is wrong

I could keep on complaining about it, but that's not the right mindset. I use this software for free, so I like to give back to the community by stepping up as the macports python24 maintainer as of revision 67311.

What will I do

My main priority is to get python24 working and keep it that way. I will keep MacPorts in sync with the latest releases, after it's tested :) I will not try to fix everything myself, so the port will be openmaintainer. That basically means that 'small' (len undefined) patches may be committed by anyone who has MacPorts commit access.

Found a bug, or need a fix?

Please do use tickets to communicate your problems (and solutions), and please explain why it is a problem. If there is no 'why', I will close the ticket and will not accept the 'solution'.

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