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One month until the Living Statues Sprint

With less than a month away, here is an overview of all the info about the Living Statues sprint

Quick recap of the relevent data:

Dates: 21 to 25 September
Location: Four Digits office, Willemsplein 44, Arnhem, Netherlands 
What: Sprint! On Plone 5, Deco, Plone.app.cmsui etc

Sign up

If you want to join us, please sign up at the CoActivate page and add yourself to the 'who's there' list.
If you're thinking about it but not sure yet, please sign up as well. That way we can estimate the number of people who are coming. You can fill in the who's there list with, unsure or just a couple of days.

Travel info

People have already shown interest in sharing a hotel/B&B/other room/location. You can use the CoActivate mailing list to coordinate these things, or contact us. livingstatues@fourdigits.nl


We here at Four Digits are excited! We've already been using plone.app.cmsui and Deco in our new (soon to be released) website. If you havent seen the demo, be sure to check it out. We all hope you're as excited as we are and hope to see you the 21st!

We love code


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