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Plone Conference 2010 Day 1 : A summary

The Plone Conference this year is being held in Bristol, UK. A short summary of the talks of the first day I've went to.

We arrived on Tuesday evening at hotel "The Grand", which is also the location where the 2010 Plone Conference is held. A really nice location, located in the city centre of Bristol.

The Grand Hotel Bristol

After checking in we visited the Watershed, located near the harbour area of Bristol. Most of the conference visitors were also there so we enjoyed a cold beer together. Rob was having a meeting with who we call the "Plone rockstars", and lateron they joined us at the Watershed as well.

Alex Limi Alan Runyan Plone Conf 2010

The next day the conference itself started with the keynote of Alexander Limi. The usual game "where is everybody coming from" was played, but somehow this always works to create a real international atmosphere, which the conference is famous for of course.

Rob Gietema Plone Conf 2010

Right after the keynote Rob informed the community of the current status of Deco, which have been worked on during the Living Statues sprint. Mikko enlighted us about the current status of Web & mobile which has an official release right now. Really interesting if you want to have your Plone (or other python based) website to go mobile.

Matthew Wilkes Plone Conf 2010

Matthew Wilkes gave a presentation about making high performance websites easy. Sane thinking and good caching including ESI can make a Plone site sreally fast, so you should check out his presentation.

Eric Steele Plone Conf 2010

Eric Steele talked about how we can improve Plone in the future, focussed on strategy, vision, responsibilities and ways to communicate in and outside the Plone community.

Martin Aspelli Plone Conf 2010

After that Martin Aspelli talked about how you should implement a Plone project the correct way by using a recent project he's been working at. Conventions and design choices were explained by good examples and arguments, and it was really good to see him back on the stage of a conference again.

Project Management Sheet Plone Conf 2010

After his first talk he had another presentation about project management, tools to use and how to make a success out of your project. Information everyone should know, explained in a easy and understandable way.

To finish of the day Richard Noble gave an excellent talk about the current attempt at the world landspeedrecord. Although it is a completely different project there are quite a lot of similarities. Especially the "no patent"-policy is really as open as you can get. Really nice to see somebody who is this enthousiastic about a project and motivating others to realize his dream.

In short : a very interesting first day at the conference with some really quality talks, so if you're not at the conference you should watch the video's!

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