• Yadi Dragtsma

PloneConf 2011 from a non technical Point of View

After two days of sightseeing, the conference has begun at the San Francisco State University Downtown Campus.

Presentation JavaScript Steve McMahon

Since i am not a programmer, i will post a few blogs from a non technical point of view about this event. For me, its all about meeting people and learn how to promote Plone.

It has been two days since the four of us have arrived in San Francisco. We did a cycling tour through the bay erea, we have visited some bars and we did some shopping (at the apple store for example). This morning, the Plone Conference 2011 has started and i have found a place in the back of Plone Track 1, one of three venues here at the the University Downtown Campus.

Right now, Steve McMahon is talking about JavaScript in Plone. He's worked on several client-side PLIPs and was the original author of the "Client-Side Functionality & JavaScript" section of the Plone Developer's Manual. A lot of people decided to attent this session; the venue is packed and some of us have tot stand in the back. As Steve answers some questions from the audience, i am going to the next session.

To be continued…

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