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PloneConf, the first three days

Most of the Four Digits team are present at the Plone Conference in Bristol. We give a short update on the things we've experienced so far.

Plone Conf 2014 Group Photo

The PloneConf is a worldwide event held once a year, where Plone stakeholders meet.

We arrived in Bristol on Tuesday evening. After checking into our appartments, we went into town for a bite and a drink. Bristol is a lively city, even on a weekday. We soon ran into other Plonistas who had already been doing training and sprinting. It is great to see all these people again.

Wednesday was the first conference day. It was a long day, from 9 to 6, packed with talks. Rob did a presentation on the new resource registries story in Plone 5 (with Ramon Navarro Bosch). The list of talks is on ploneconf.org/talks, and the organisers are doing an excellent job to put these up on Vimeo almost real-time, so it's possible to follow all of it from home. Possible, but not easy! And then, there were Lightning Talks, which is a great way to learn from each other. We announced our Anniversary Sprint. We were all rather worn out at the end of the day.

Thursday also featured lots of talks. Maarten did a presentation on the vriendinnenonline.nl portal which he built with his partner. Always during lunch and coffee breaks, we discussed Plone-related matters with other Plone people from around the globe, good conversations and new insights are bound to ensue. Thursday ended with the traditional PloneConf dinner and party.

Friday was reserved for Open Spaces, where people sit down in smaller groups to discuss things like training, documentation, the roadmap, running Plone in the cloud, the intranet effort, and so on. This is where we come together to find the common ground on which we base our collaboration, which will be mostly remote. It's so valuable to be able to talk to each other and discuss things, it makes communicating remotely later so much easier.

Saturday and Sunday, we sprint. A lot of topics have already been announced, most of them connected to presentations and Open Spaces. We'll see what the weekend brings.

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