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Preparations for Wagtail Space NL are in full swing

The preparations for Wagtail Space NL are going great. I want to inform you about the latest developments.

Sign-up is storming

Over 56 people have registered. Most people signed up for the full-event. There is limited capacity. Don’t wait any longer...

Sprint venue

Two days of sprint will be at the Four Digits office, located in the city centre of Arnhem. Attendees will have a transformed office at their disposal.

"Four Digits Office"

Talk venue

The talks will take place in Rozet: A lively cultural house in the middle of the city. We booked the auditorium, rooftop terras, and professional catering. Get ready for talks, lunch, and drinks with a view.

"Rozet cultural house, Arnhem The Netherlands"
"Rozet auditorium"

Live video

Yes, we will broadcast the talks! Watch via YouTube live. We invite you to ask questions in chat. Our moderator will pose the question to the speaker. June 17, 10:00-17:00 CEST.

Give a talk?

Do you want to give a presentation? A talk should be 15-20 min. Our call for proposals is open until May 30th. You may also give a lightning talk.

Join us on Slack

Do you have questions or feedback? Wagtail Slack is the fastest way to get in contact. The channel is #wagtail-space-nl-2022.

Grow Wagtail grow!

Wagtail Space NL is free of charge. Four Digits is the host and organiser. Various sponsors support us. Attendees invest their time.

Why do we all invest so much? We contribute to the Wagtail community because we like Wagtail to grow. A vibrant Wagtail community is a healthy Wagtail product. A good product brings value. Value for ourselves and our clients. On top of that: meeting like-minded people and sharing knowledge help us grow.

Wagtail Space NL is not philanthropy. It is an investment in ourselves.

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