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pycharm3 and plone

Since a few weeks the new PyCharm 3.0 Community Edition is available, I tried to make it run my Plone and explain what is needed to make this happen.

PyCharm Logo

Last week I was at PloneConf2013 and while I was going through my feedly in a lost minute, I read about the release of PyCharm 3.0 Community Edition and I decided to give it a spin.

I had some difficulties setting it up with my plone development environment which exists of virtualenvwrapper, virtualenv, buildout.python, git & buildout, so what better than writing a blog on how I got it all to work? :)

Of course you have to start out with downloading and installing PyCharm Community Edition, install it and make sure you install the command-line launcher as well, which you can always enable via tools > create command-line launcher.

Now, in your terminal, change dir to your project directory and charm . to open up PyCharm with your project loaded.

PyCharm Start-up Screen

We have to set the python interpreter for the site-packages, go to preferences (⌘, on my mac), Project Settings > Project Interpreter (read more on setting the interpreter)

PyCharm Python Interpreter

click the + sign and choose your virtualenv’s interpreter. PyCharm will then go to work, resolving paths and what not, when it is ready make sure you set this python as interpreter for this project. Apply and ok

PyCharm Select Python Interpreter

Then we have to enable buildout support in the project settings. Once again go to Preferences > Buildout support, tick Enable buildout support and for “Use paths from scripts” I chose the instance script from my project’s bin directory.

PyCharm Buildout Support

Press apply & ok and checkout the External Libraries in your project tab (⌘1)

The last thing we need to do is setup a run configuration, choose Run > Edit configurations. In the next window click + and python, name it and fill out some more settings.

PyCharm Setup Run Configuration

We are ready to go… Run > Run Plone and see your Plone instance firing up in the console window.

PyCharm Run Plone

Start poking around :) for now PyCharm replaces my SublimeText setup and I love it, wonderful completion, inspection, refactoring, git integration. Make sure to check out Andrew Brookin’s blogpost for an extensive review and handy tips to get started. Oh,.. for the vim lovers among us, install the excellent ideavim plugin!

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